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SMC series

The SMC connectors have been designed with a ‘threaded’ coupling and have the same size as the SMB connectors. They are particularly suitable for use in high vibration environments.

This connector range is suitable for the standard ranges of flexible and semi-rigid cables and is also available in PCB and panel mount versions.

The characteristic impedance of the SMC coaxial connectors is 50 ohm, the KERUI SMC subminiature connectors are suitable for applications up to 10 GHz.

SMC coaxial connectors meet the specification of IEC 169-9 and MIL-C-39012.

  • 24 1011 031 01
    24 1011 031 01
    SMC male R/A PCB mounted receptacle
  • 24 1021 329 01
    24 1021 329 01
    SMC female R/A solder for cable connector
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